Heath P.

Heath P.

LocationAurora, CO
Member SinceMarch, 2013

Preferred Subjects

Calculus Chemistry
Trigonometry Pre-Calculus
Math Computer Skills
Kindergarten - ...
Hourly Rate$25/hour
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About Heath
Member Since:March, 2013
Preferred Subjects:Calculus, Chemistry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Math, Computer Skills, Kindergarten - 8th Grade
Education:Junior at Rangeview High School 3.8 GPA and also sophomore Computer Science engineering Major at Community College of Aurora
Experience:I have gotten a 4 on the AP Calc AB exam and received and ACT score of 29. I want to be a tutor because i love knowledge and want to spread it through out the world. I am currently enrolled in AP chemistry and also AP Calc BC. I have participated in several knowledge based competitions like a calculus bowl, a science bowl, and when i was in middle school i was the champion of the 24 tournament.
Hobbies:I like to develop apps on my free time as well as play basketball and when the opportunity presents itself, i like to hang out with friends.
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